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Carmelo  (MELO B) started DJing  back in 2005.  Carmelo  channelled his passion for music contributing at house parties, supplying the music.. when the opportunity arose.  Carmelo started djiing at larger venues. and functions including weddings and birthday parties.


it was during this time that carmelo teamed up with jon colley forming a fantastic partnership within djon entertainment, some 10+ years AGO, and still going strong.


Carmelo has DJ’ed at a number of different pubs and clubs in and around the Essex/hertfordshire and the LoNDON Area. As a mobile DJ he has a large collection of music from the 50’s through to modern day. hIS PASSION IS THE 90'S CLUB CLASSICS DANCE GENRE. hOWEVER CARMELO WILL PLAY A VARIEY OF GENRES INCLUDING hOUSE, DISCO, NU-DISCO, R&B, AND CLUB.


He has extensive experience with mobile parties including weddings, engagements, 18th birthdays and 21st birthdays


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